Teachers team

Based in France for many years, Inseong Hwang – one of the best players in Europe – will lead the teachers team of the 2022 national congress. Inseong is the founder of the Yunguseng Dojang internet go school, very famous in Europe but also in the United States. He has brought a lot to the French go community and has been an employee of the FFG since 2014.

Inseong Hwang
Inseong Hwang 8d

During these 15 days of training, he will give us the benefit of his expertise and his desire to develop Go. To support him, a team made up of experienced teachers (team in the process of being set up):

Tanguy Le Calvé 1p
Lucas Krämer 6d
Benjamin Dréan-Guénaïzia 6d
Florent Labouret
Florent Labouret 5d
Denis Karadaban
Denis Karadaban 5d
Guillaume Ougier 4d
Robin Bonjean 3d
François Mizessyn 2d